Hi, I'm Tess!  A Daughter of the King, Wife, Mom, Designer, who loves her Messiah, her husband, children and family with all her heart!!! On most days you can find me at home with my hair in a messy bun, fulfilling my highest calling of being a mom. I  homeschool my two children and on a daily basis I think I learn more from them, then I could ever teach.......Grateful.  I love chocolate, hot tea, laughing with friends and family and have a passion for design! Known for using far too many explanation marks to express myself, and playing a song I love on repeat for days!!!!!! 

Creating home décor that can add meaning, beauty, and value to your home is something that brings me great joy!

I  believe that the artwork and the design found in your home has the unique ability to set the stage for the many memories yet to be made. I love the idea that design can hold meaning beyond what you see with your eyes.

Harvester Designs started from a simple desire that I  had to make décor for my own home that reflected the Fathers heart. I wanted décor that represented what I believed. It eventually extended to wanting it to be a blessing to others.

My prayer is this, that through the décor and designs I create, that you would get a glimpse of God’s Word being brought to life, not just in your home, but in your heart as well!

Our journeys and the lives we live are beautiful, messy, heartbreaking, hopeful, and love filled, with the Fathers grace every step of the way! I love making memories with those I love and pray that in a small way through Harvester Designs I would be able to be a part of the memories you create with your family!

Wherever life finds us today or even tomorrow let’s continue “Finding Joy in the Journey”…..much love, Tess

 Numbers 6:24-26, Isaiah 61:3